MIRA teams departing to atolls

MIRA’s teams will be departing to islands of B., Lh., Th., and L. atoll during the next week. MIRA’s teams will be visiting B. Eydhafushi, Lh. Hinnavaru, Lh. Naifaru, Lh. Kurendhoo, Th. Hirilandhoo, Th. Thimarafushi, Th. Veymandoo, Th. Burunee, L. Dhan’bidhoo, L. Isdhoo-Kalaidhoo, L. Gan, L. Kahdhoo and L. Fonadhoo. The teams will be giving presentation on taxes, carrying out audits and making compliance visits. The teams will also be distributing GST certificates with the new TIN to taxpayers.


MIRA’s teams will spend at least a week in each island. If anyone has any question or query, they are advised to take advantage of this opportunity and to meet the teams for clarification.

06 Feb 14