MIRA launches ‘Whistleblowing’ campaign

MIRA has launched a ‘Whistleblowing’ campaign to get information about those who act, knowingly and intentionally, to evade or avoid tax and those who facilitate evasion of tax by others.

Acts such as including false information on a tax return, failing to declare an income or profit on a tax return, and not filing returns can be viewed as attempting to evade tax. These acts have been classified as offences under the Tax Laws.

To report any suspected tax offences to MIRA you can submit the form on the Whistleblowing page of MIRA website, www.mira.gov.mv . Those who share such information with MIRA need not reveal their own details and even if they did, unless obliged by a Maldivian Law, such information will not be shared with a third party. MIRA hopes for the assistance of the Maldivian public in making the tax system in Maldives more effective and efficient.

26 Dec 13