MIRA changes the Taxpayer Identification Numbers

The Taxpayaer Identification Number (TIN) issued to taxpayers by MIRA has been changed as the MIRA has recently switched over to a new Tax and Revenue Management system to improve the services provided by MIRA.

MIRA has commenced delivery of new TIN and GST certificates with the new TIN to taxpayers. MIRA staff have delivered the new TIN and GST certificates to over 2600 taxpayers in Male’ area and Kulhudhufushi. Arrangements are in place to provide those taxpayers who have yet not received the new TIN. Those who have yet not received their new TINs are advised to come to MIRA and collect their TINs and certificates.

As of 1 January 2014 all taxpayers are to use their new TINs in their tax invoices, bills and receipts. In addition, taxpayer are to use this new TIN when filing their tax returns and in all communications with MIRA.

05 Dec 13