Civil Court orders Moosa Naseer to pay lease rent and fine with regards to N. Bandaidhiddhoo

The judgment with respect to the case filed with civil court against Moosa Naseer (HA. Dhiddhoo/ Pink Rose) on 29 September 2011 for defaulting on lease rent payment of N. Bandaidhiddhoo has been passed in favour of MIRA.  Moosa Naseer had leased out N. Bandaidhiddhoo for agricultural purposes under an agreement between him and the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.

In the court decree passed on 24 November 2013, Moosa Naseer has to pay the lease rent of N. Bandaidhiddhoo, the fine imposed for non-payment of the lease rent by deadline, within two months of the judgment. Moosa Naseer owes the state MVR 9,061,442.5 (Nine million sixty one thousand four hundred and forty two Rufiyaa fifty Laari). 

25 Nov 13