MIRA staff donates to Kudakudhinge Hiya

MIRA club, which is a club run by the employees of MIRA, donated to Kudakudhinge Hiya yesterday. This donation event was organized in collaboration with Kudakudhinge Hiya.

At the event held yesterday from 16:00 to 18:00, various essential items identified by Kudakudhinge Hiya was donated in addition to the items donated by the staff. In addition to staff spending time interacting with the children and playing games, evening tea was served to the staff and children of Kudakudhinge Hiya by MIRA Club. The Commissioner General of Taxation Yazeed Mohamed, Deputy Commissioner General of Taxation Hassan Zareer, Senior Management and a number of staff from MIRA participated in this event.

Speaking at the event, the Commissioner General of Taxation said that this event was organized by the staff of MIRA because they wanted to help the children of Kudakudhinge Hiya and that they saw this as their social responsibility. The Commissioner General also said that in addition to the donation, MIRA staff will be assisting children at Hiya who require help with their studies. The Commissioner General also noted the hard work done by the staff of Kudakudhinge Hiya to ensure that these children are responsible citizens of the country and thanked them for it.

MIRA club has stated that this donation event is the first of many such events to be held in the future, and that the club is planning to hold such an event annually.

The MIRA club notes the support they received from the Kudakudhinge Hiya in planning this event, and expresses gratitude for their assistance.

23 Nov 13