Civil court orders Freesia Maldives Pvt Ltd to pay lease rent and fine with regard to Galolhu Stadium shop no. 6 owing to MIRA

The judgment passed with respect to the case filed with civil court against Freesia Maldives Pvt Ltd for defaulting on a payment owing to the state has been passed in favour of MIRA.

According to the court decree passed on 27 August 2013, Freesia Maldives Pvt Ltd has to pay lease rent for Galolhu Statium shop no.6 previously rented by them, the fine imposed for non-payment of the lease rent by deadline within five months of the judgment. Freesia Maldives Pvt Ltd owes the state 352,682.90/-  (Three hundred and fifty two thousand six hundred and eighty two Rufiyaa ninety Laari) as lease rent and 154,371.94/- (One hundred and fifty four thousand three hundred and seventy one Rufiyaa ninety four Laari) as fine imposed for late payment of the lease rent. This amounts to a total of 507,234.84/- (five hundred and seven thousand two hundred and thirty four Rufiyaa eighty four Laari) as of 27 August 2013.

28 Aug 13