Over 1800 taxpayers were served at MIRA yesterday

The MIRA served more than 1800 taxpayers till 12am last night. Given the large number of taxpayers expected to arrive at MIRA for service, 20 temporary counters were opened at MIRA and service provided from these counters as well. Yesterday was the deadline for submission of GST return and payment for June 2013, and for the second quarter of 2013. Additionally, the deadline for submission of BPT Statement of Interim Payment for 2013, and first interim payment for 2013 falls in this week. Furthermore, today (29 July 2013) is the deadline to register businesses at MIRA without a fine. While more than 150 taxpayers registered their businesses yesterday, more than 15,000 taxpayers have been registered at MIRA as of yet.

The MIRA also collected over Rufiyaa 229 million yesterday (28 July 2013). This amount is only the amount collected by MIRA, and further payments were collected through the Atoll Councils.

As a large number of taxpayers are expected to come to MIRA for service this week, taxpayers are advised to be mindful of this and to pay their taxes well ahead of the deadline.

29 Jul 13