Deadline for registering taxpayers at MIRA

We advise all those who are conducting business in Maldives, but have not registered their business at MIRA to do so as soon as possible.

Those who are conducting business now are to register their business at MIRA before 29 July 2013, and those who have just commenced their business are to register their business at MIRA 60 days from the date of commencement. Taxpayers who do not register their business by the required deadline will be fined 50 Rufiyaa per day, as per the Tax Administration Regulation.

Under the Business Profit Tax (BPT) Act, any work besides that conducted under an employment contract can be classified as a business. As such, earning rental income is also considered to be a business. We advise taxpayers undertaking any such business to register at MIRA by submitting the MIRA 101 form either to our main office, or your atoll council.

02 Jul 13