MIRA holds an open day

As part of MIRA’s ‘Tax Week’ activities to raise awareness about the tax system in the Maldives, MIRA yesterday held an Open Day.

The Open Day was held from 9:00am to 4:00pm yesterday was held to give the public information about MIRAs services and information about job opportunities at MIRA. Visitors to MIRA at the open day were given information about the different departments at MIRA, and also given information the possible areas of work depending on the applications area of study. Additionally visitors were also given an opportunity to take a tour around MIRA and talk to the staffs at the various departments. Visitors were also given the chance to participate in the MIRA Tax Challenge.

A significant number of visitors came to MIRA open day and the MIRA hopes for similar support from the public in other activities of the tax week.

19 Jun 13