MIRA holds a roadshow to increase awareness about recent changes in GST Pricing Policy

MIRA held a roadshow today to aware the general public regarding the pricing policy announcement by the Ministry of Economic Development. As of 1 August 2013, all prices quoted by GST registered persons must be inclusive of the GST amount.

At the roadshow held at Jumhooree Maidhaan today from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, visitors were given information about this change in the GST pricing policy. Additionally, information was given regarding the approaching BPT deadlines. The deadline for submission of BPT return and final payment of BPT for those whose accounting period ended on 31 December 2012 is 30 June 2013. Furthermore, 31 July 2013 is the deadline for filing the Statement of Interim Payment and payment of first interim payment for 2013.

A large number of flyers were distributed across Male’ and the tax related information was given via quiz and announcements as well. 

08 Jun 13