MIRA holds a blood donation camp

MIRA club, which is a club run by the employees of MIRA, held a blood donation camp for Thalassemia patients. This event was organized in collaboration with National Thalassemia Society and National Blood Services. At the event held at the National Blood Services, male and female employees of MIRA donated blood from 4:30pm till 7:30pm today.

The MIRA club has stated that this blood donation camp is the beginning of many such activities to be organized by the club, and that the club plans to continue this event every year. In addition to donating blood, the club hopes to provide blood for people who require it during emergencies.

MIRA club is run by the collective efforts of the employees of MIRA. The MIRA club notes the support they received from the National Thalassemia Society and the National Blood Services in planning this event, and expresses gratitude for their assistance.

13 May 13