High court passes judgment in GA. Funadhoo lease rent appeal case

The high court has passed judgment today on the appeal case filed by Ahmed Abdul Azeez, G. Aima, against the civil court judgment passed on 9 January 2012, decreeing him to pay the lease rent of GA Funadhoo.

The verdict passed by the civil court on 9 January 2012, Ahmed Abdul Azeez was to pay Rufiyaa 574,998 (Five hundred and seventy four thousand, nine hundred and ninety eight) as lease rent of GA Funadhoo for the period from 25 March 2009 to 25 June 2011, and Rufiyaa 1,119,241.66 (One million one hundred and nineteen thousand, two hundred and forty one Rufiyaa sixty six Laari) as fine imposed for late payment of lease rent. Ahmed Abdul Azeez has to pay a total of Rufiyaa 1,694,239.66 (One million six hundred and ninety four thousand, two hundred and thirty nine Rufiyaa sixty six Laari) to the state within two months of the court decree.

While the cabinet had decided to grant some relief to Ahmed Abdul Azeez with regard to the payment, the civil court had decreed that the payment should be made as per the MIRAs instructions, and that the cabinet does not have the authority to make a decision in this case.

In the judgment of the appeal case, the high court supported the verdict passed by the civil court and decreed that there is no reason to change the said verdict.

12 May 13