From 1 August 2013, all prices should be GST inclusive

Ministry of Economic Development has announced that from 1 August 2013, all business must display the prices of their goods and services inclusive of the GST amount. In the announcement published on 29 April 2013 with reference to Act no. 1/96 (Consumer Protection Act) and Act no. 10/2011 (Good and Services Tax Act), it has been stated that as GST is something that is to be paid by the end user, and as having different pricing policies is causing difficulties for the customers in ascertaining the prices of goods and services, as of 1 August 2013 all prices quoted for goods and services provided must be GST inclusive.

In the announcement published in the Government Gazette, all businesses have been instructed to quote their prices with the GST amount included, and if it is a service that is charging service charge, to include the service charge amount and the GST amount in the prices.

We advise all businesses to make good use of the three months grace period given, and to make the necessary changes in their pricing.

29 Apr 13