Judgment passed by Civil Court in the Zitahli Resort and Spa case

The Judgment with respect to the case filed with the Civil Court against Moosa Shiyam Abdulla, H. Gireethereyge for defaulting on a payment owing to the state, has been passed in favour of the MIRA.

The court decreed today that Moosa Shiyam Abdulla had to pay the land rent and lease rent of Zitahli Resort and Spa, and the fine imposed for non-payment within three months of the judgment. This amounts to a total of 222,060.07/- (Two hundred and twenty two thousand sixty Rufiyaa seven laari) as of 17 January 2013. The fine imposed will be running until the full amount of the owed payment has been settled.

Zitahli Resort and Spa is a resort that is leased under a lease agreement with the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture. Under an addendum to the lease agreement, the Ministry has agreed to an arrangement where the lease rent for Zitahli Resort and Spa will be paid in installments over three years and the fine imposed for non-payment will be paid installments over 10 years.

17 Jan 13