MIRA enters premises of defaulting taxpayer with search warrant

MIRA has entered the premises of a defaulting taxpayer under a search warrant issued by the Tax Appeal Tribunal today. The three premises entered are the offices of Treasury Biz International Pvt Ltd, P.F.S Pvt Ltd and the shop ‘Treasury’.

Treasure Biz International Pvt Ltd is a company that is liable to register for GST but had not done so and P.F.S Pvt Ltd and the shop ‘Treasury’ has failed to file their tax returns for several periods. The owner of these businesses has ignored MIRA’s audit notices and refused MIRA’s request for permission to check his documents to audit his business. All three businesses are suspected of intentionally avoiding their tax obligations.

According to the Tax Administration Act, all taxpayers are required to fully cooperate with MIRA for audits MIRA undertakes to ensure the validity of their tax returns and other documents. If MIRA requests as such, the President of the Tax Appeal Tribunal holds the authority to grant MIRA a search warrant to enter the premises of taxpayers suspected of tax avoidance.

25 Dec 12