MIRA commences the use of S.A.P software

A new system has now been put in place to further improve the services provided by MIRA. From today onwards, certain tasks would be carried out using this new system.

The ‘tax and revenue Management” system, created by the German company, S.A.P, who is recognized for creating such enterprise software’s, will be used in registering taxpayers,  receiving GST Returns from the tourism industry as well as to receive BPT returns and collect the payments of these two taxes.  

Due to the implementation of the new system, changes will be brought to the current registration process. Consequently, the 3 forms taxpayers have been using to register their business in MIRA, to register their bank accounts, and to register the authorized signatories signing have now been compiled to one form.

Although the new system will only be able to process the payments of T-GST and BPT, MIRA will soon be using this system to process all payments made to MIRA. Accordingly by end of 2013 additional 10 fee codes will be processed using the new system. Furthermore, work is being carried out to introduce online filing of tax returns and payment of taxes by the beginning of next year. Although every effort is being made to ensure smooth transition to the new system, MIRA hope to receive full cooperation from the taxpayers in case of a problem.

22 Dec 12