Defaulting taxpayer sentenced to house arrest settles all dues

Pursuant to a court judgment by the civil court against Ali Waheed of M.Fuji for defaulting on a payment owed to the state, he has settled all outstanding dues.

Since Ali Waheed did not abide by the court judgment made on 4 March 2012 to pay the outstanding dues to MIRA, the court sentenced him for one month house arrest. The decision was made on 5 November 2012. Following the judgment, Ali Waheed settled his dues on 6 November 2012.

The case filed by MIRA was to enforce the judgment to pay Rufiyaa 154,307.71 owed by Ali Waheed to MIRA as rent of M. Kakaaeriyadhoo, and fine imposed for failure to pay the rent by deadline, as per an agreement between him and the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.

07 Nov 12