Maldives Elected for CATA management committee

Maldives has been elected for the management committee of Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators (CATA) at the 12th Annual CATA General Meeting held in Floriana, Malta. CATA is an organization established to promote effective tax administration in Commonwealth countries, and networking between the respective tax authorities. The Commissioner General of Taxation, Maldives Inland Revenue Authority, will be representing the Maldives at CATA.

Founded in 1978, CATA is an organization that plays an important role in developing the tax authorities of its member countries. This role is mainly played by the 14 countries elected to the management committee by the member countries of CATA. Each member country is elected to the management committee for a term of three years.

CATA is the biggest of various organization established between tax authorities of the world. 49 countries are currently members of CATA. In addition to Maldives, tax authorities of England, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Barbados, Kenya, Switzerland, Nigeria, Malta, Cameroon and Papua New Guinea have been elected to the management committee of CATA.

31 Oct 12