Enforcement action policy against defaulting taxpayers

MIRA has published its Enforcement Action Policy with regards to taxpayers who have not paid one or more of the various taxes, fees, rents, royalties and other payments collected by MIRA, effective 1 November 2012.

Under this policy, 50 days past the deadline for payment, Maldives Customs Services and Department of Immigration and Emigration will take action against taxpayers who have not settled their dues. In addition, various Ministries and government institutes related to payments collected by MIRA will also be acting under this policy. These actions include not providing any services to defaulting taxpayers, not undertaking any form of communication with these taxpayers and not awarding them any contracts. However, should a taxpayer settle the dues he owes the State, these actions will be ceased. This policy has now been published on our website.

MIRA is continuously taking steps against defaulting taxpayers. These actions include publishing the names of such taxpayers, taking legal action against them freezing their bank accounts.

24 Oct 12