MIRA goes to court to enforce judgment passed against Ellaidhoo Investments Pvt Ltd

Pursuant to the judgment passed by the Civil Court on 30 September 2012 against Ellaidhoo Investment Pvt Ltd to pay US $145,291.31 as lease rent and fine of AA Maagaa within 14 days, and their subsequent failure to settle the dues, MIRA has now filed a case against Ellaidhoo Investments Pvt Ltd to enforce the judgment. This amount is calculated as of 21 October 2012 and will be accruing until full settlement of the payment.

Pursuant to another judgment passed by civil court, on16 October 2012, Ellaidhoo Investment Pvt Ltd has settled the payment of $19,274.16 relating to the lease of AA. Ellaidhoo. MIRA is now in process of withdrawing the case filed on 4 June 2012 to enforce this judgment.

24 Oct 12