MIRA goes to court to enforce judgments passed

Pursuant to three court judgments passed in favour of MIRA in 2012, and the subsequent failure of the defendants to fulfill the terms of these judgments, MIRA has now filed a case at the Civil Court for the enforcement of these judgments. MIRA has commenced action against the three parties on 17 October 2012.

The first case is against Business Alliance Maldives Pvt Ltd whose judgment was passed on 2 July 2012. The court had ordered Business Alliance Maldives Pvt Ltd to settle the unpaid tourism tax amount of $1,604 for ‘The Boutique Inn at Shabnamee’, and the fine of Rufiyaa 16,162.50 imposed for late payment of the tax.

The second case filed was to enforce the court judgment passed on 28 May 2012, against Maamaduvvari Investment Pvt Ltd, to pay Rufiyaa 5,606,954.87 as Lease Rent of B. Maamaduvvari, and the fine imposed for failure to settle this payment by deadline.

The third case filed today is to enforce the court decree made on 4 March 2012 against Ali Waheed of M.Fuji, to settle the amount of Rufiyaa 124,807.73 as lease rent of Sh. Kakaaeriyadhoo, and the fine imposed for late payment of rent.

17 Oct 12