Implementation of the Policy on Freezing Bank Accounts of Taxpayers

MIRA has started acting on its ‘Policy on Freezing Bank Accounts of Taxpayers’ who have the taxes, fees, rents, royalties and other payments collected by MIRA and its procedure on gaining access to bank transaction details of taxpayers, if this information is required for an audit or an investigation conducted by MIRA, as published on 28 August 2012.

Since publishing the policy, taxpayers were given a grace period of 1 month to settle all outstanding dues. The process for account freezing has been commenced for 37 taxpayers for failure to settle the dues in the given grace period, and the details sent to relevant authorities to freeze the bank accounts of five of these taxpayers, as of 8 October 2012. Some taxpayers who issued dishonoured cheques were also among those who will have their bank accounts frozen. The total owing from these dishonoured cheques amounts to Rufiyaa 450,000/-.

08 Oct 12