616.3 Million Rufiyaa collected in September

MIRA has collected Rufiyaa 616.3 million in revenue in the month of September. This amounts to a total of Rufiyaa 5.7 billion that has been collected since January 2012.

Whilst the Rufiyaa 616.3 million collected is 2% more than the amount collected in September 2011, it is still 16% less than the projection. This is because MIRA did not receive the estimated amount of Tourism Land Rent for the month. Rufiyaa 19.2 million of the unpaid Tourism Land Rent revenue has been paid to MIRA, as of 4 October 2012.

A total of Rufiyaa 1.3 Billion and 1.6 Billion was collected as of September this year as BPT and GST payments, respectively. Rufiyaa 770.5 million has been collected as Tourism Land Rent and Rufiyaa 607.5 million has been collected as Bed Tax as of September this year.

04 Oct 12