MIRA goes to court to enforce judgment passed against Ellaidhoo Investments Pvt Ltd

Pursuant to the judgment passed by the Civil Court on 8 April 2012 against Ellaidhoo Investment Pvt Ltd to pay the fine of $19,274.16 imposed for failure to pay the lease rent of Ellaidhoo Resort and their subsequent failure to pay the fine. MIRA has now filed a case against Ellaidhoo Investments Pvt Ltd to enforce the judgment. The hearing for the case was held yesterday, 26 September 2012.

After hearing both parties, the judge declared that the bank accounts of Ellaidhoo Investments Pvt Ltd shall be frozen and the outstanding dues paid to MIRA through the judgment enforcement process.

The court has also decided that depending on the progress of the enforcement process, further actions will be taken against Ellaidhoo Investment Pvt Ltd. The next hearing for the case will be held on 15 October 2012.

Another case filed by MIRA against Ellaidhoo Investment is also currently ongoing at Civil Court. This case was filed to claim the lease rent of $27,608.80 for AA.Maagaa, and the subsequent fine imposed for failure to pay the rent amount by deadline. At the time of filing the case, on 2 May 2012, the fine amount was $71,989.95.

27 Sep 12