MIRA will be accepting BPT Return and payment till 30 September 2012 without any fine

While the previous deadline for filing BPT Return and making final payment for tax year 2011, and submitting Statement of Interim Payment for tax year 2012 and making the first interim payment for 2012 was 30 August 2012, it has now been decided that MIRA will be accepting these payments and submissions till 30 September 2012 without any fine.

This decision has been made because, while many taxpayers filed their returns and made the payments by the deadline, a significant amount of taxpayers are still making payments. Considering this, the difficulties taxpayers faced in preparing their financial statements, and the enormity of the ensuing fine for non-payment and non-filing , MIRA has decided to accept BPT return and final payment for the tax year 2011 and Statement of Interim Payment and first interim payment for the tax year 2012 until 30 September 2012 without any fine.  However, those who fail to make the payment or file the return by this date, the relevant fines will be imposed on them from 30 August 2012.

16 Sep 12