MIRA will assist individuals and sole traders operating in Male’ in preparing their financial statements required for the BPT Return

MIRA will extending assistance in preparing financial statements to individuals and sole traders operating in Male’ who have to file BPT return for the tax year 2011.


This assistance will be extended to individuals and sole traders in Male’ whose annual income fall between Rufiyaa 750,000 (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand) and Rufiyaa 10,000,000 (Ten Million). Taxpayers who receive assistance from MIRA’s teams will not have to have their financial statements further audited by an external auditor.


Such assistance is been given, similar to the assistance extended to those in the atolls, since a large number of taxpayers are requesting for such an assistance and at the same time, to address the difficulty taxpayers are having in auditing their financial statements.

16 Sep 12