975.9 Million Rufiyaa collected in August

MIRA has collected Rufiyaa 975.9 Million in revenue in the month of August. This amounts to a total of Rufiyaa 5.1 billion that has been collected by MIRA since January 2012.

The 975.9 million Rufiyaa collected in August is 31.7% more than the estimated revenue for the month with 74.7% more than the forecasted BPT payments. A total of Rufiyaa 666.1 million was received as BPT payments and Rufiyaa 180.3 million was received as GST payments.

During the first 8 months of the year, the biggest amount of revenue was collected as GST. A total of Rufiyaa 1.7 billion was received as GST payments till August this year. In addition to this, a total of Rufiyaa 546.1 million was received as Tourism Land Rent and Rufiyaa 537.8 million was received as Tourism Tax. The total revenue collected for the first 8 months is 0.5% less than the forecasted value due to the unrealized Rufiyaa 705 million as lease extension fee.

09 Sep 12