The Policy on Freezing Bank Accounts of Taxpayers

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has published its ‘Policy on Freezing Bank Accounts of Taxpayers’ who have not paid one or more of the various taxes, fees, rents, royalties and other payments collected by MIRA. The policy also includes the procedure on gaining access to bank transaction details of taxpayers, if this information is required for an audit or an investigation conducted by MIRA. Under the policy defaulting taxpayers, who have been sent the required notices, will have their bank accounts frozen 50 days from the date of deadline of payment.  However, if a taxpayer attempts not to pay or delay the payment, or acts in a manner that could prove problematic for MIRA in collecting the payment, MIRA may freeze their accounts without the 50 day notice.


If more than one account of a taxpayer is frozen under this policy, the account from which the payment will be withdrawn will be decided after discussion with the taxpayer. However, if the taxpayer is not co-operative, MIRA holds the right to decide the account from which the payment will be withdrawn.


30 Aug 12