MIRA collects MVR 2.03 billion as revenue in December 2021

MIRA collected MVR 2.03 billion as revenue in December 2021. This is an increase of 95.0% compared to the same period last year. And an increase of 45.0% compared to the forecasted amount for December 2021.

The main reason behind the increase in collection compared to December 2020 is due to the increment in collection of GST, Income Tax, Green Tax and Airport Taxes and Fees. Tourist Arrivals of November 2021 is 4 times higher than November 2020, which led to increment in Tourism related revenues. Additionally, payment towards Lease Period Extension Fee was not received in December 2020, whereas this fee was received in December 2021, which led to the comparative Increment in revenue.

The greatest share of the revenue collected for December 2021 was from GST with MVR 952.77 million or 47.0% of total revenue. The second largest contributor was Tourism Land Rent (MVR 485.44 million or 24.0%). Other significant contributors include Lease Period Extension Fee (MVR 153.60 million or 7.6%), Income Tax (MVR 95.69 million or 4.7%), Green Tax (MVR 94.41 million or 4.7%) and other taxes and fees (MVR 243.65 million or 12.0%).

Out of the revenue collected in December 2021, USD 105.48 million constitutes the dollar collection. 


10 Jan 22