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MIRA to visit businesses today

14 Oct 2023

MIRA has announced that their teams will visit businesses in Male’ and in islands where MIRA’s offices are established as a part of their compliance day activities, which will be held today (14th October 2023, Saturday).

Under MIRA's "Fansa-aahi" campaign, today's activities are targetted towards identifying the difficulties faced by taxpayers to submit their tax return on time and to assist them. The purpose of "Fansa-aahi" campaign is to encourage taxpayers to file their tax returns on time and to improve on time return filing rates. 

Furthermore, MIRA emphasise that by filing tax returns and making payments by the deadline, the taxpayer will appear as a tax compliant taxpayer in MIRA's records, which will improve their tax compliance score. Additionally, such taxpayer will be given priority when granting tax reliefs. Therefore, MIRA urges taxpayers to give special attention to filing their tax returns by the deadline and requests taxpayers who require further assistance to file their tax returns to seek help from MIRA’s teams during today’s activities.

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