MIRA Management

Name Designation
Fathuhulla Jameel
Commissioner General of Taxation
Asma Shafeeu
Deputy Commissioner General of Taxation

MIRA Board Members

Name Designation
Mr. Ahmed Saruvash Adam
Ms. Leena Mohamed Zahir Hussain
Deputy Chairperson
Fathuhulla Jameel
Commissioner General of Taxation
Mr. Ahmed Faiz Mohamed
Ms. Aishath Asha Ali
Uz. Faseeh Zahir
Uz. Makhzoom Saleem

MIRA Senior Staff

Name Designation Department
Ahmed Shareef
Assistant Commissioner General, Revenue Service Revenue Service Directorate
Fathimath Ameeza
Assistant Commissioner General, Enforcement Enforcement Directorate
Mohamed Siraj Muneer
Assistant Commissioner General, Revenue Operations Revenue Operations Directorate
Ahmed Shafneez
Director General, Administration and Finance Administration and Finance Department
Fathimath Shifaza
Director General, Human Resource Human Resource Department
Mohamed Ali Waheed
Director General, Technical and Facilitation Technical and Facilitation Department
Mohamed Najiz
Director General, Information Technology Information Technology Department
Moosa Haleem
Director General, Medium Taxpayer Audit Medium Taxpayer Audit Department
Ibrahim Rasheed
Deputy Director General, Risk Management and Investigation Risk Management and Investigation Department
Ibrahim Faisal
Senior Director, Internal Audit Internal Audit
Nahshal Mohamed
Senior Director, Software Software Division
Adha Amir
Director, Small Taxpayer Audit Small Taxpayer Audit Department
Ahmed Zakariyya
Director, Facilitation and Engagement Facilitation and Engagement Division
Ali Naseer Ibrahim
Director, Tax Clearance Tax Clearance Division
Aminath Zumra
Director, Planning and Development Planning and Development Department
Mohamed Jinah Ibrahim
Director, Hardware Hardware Division
Yoosuf Shiraz
Director, Technical Technical Division
Abdul Matheen Abdul Sattar
Deputy Director, Regional Regional Offices
Aishath Nazeera Moosa
Deputy Director, Information Processing Information Processing Division
Aishath Suha
Deputy Director, Payment Processing Payment Processing Division
Ali Muaaz
Deputy Director, Large Taxpayer Audit Large Taxpayer Audit Department
Ikram Ibrahim
Deputy Director, Medium Taxpayer Audit Medium Taxpayer Audit Department
Mariyam Nahula Abdul Gayoom
Deputy Director, Enforced Collection Enforced Collection Division
Mohamed Azhan
Deputy Director, Legal Service Legal Service Division
Shahid Moosa
Deputy Director, Contact Centre Contact Centre